visual artArt forms are created primarily for visualizing purpose like drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, filmmaking, video, photography, crafts, design and architecture. Other visual art forms like textile arts, conceptual arts, performing arts, fashion design, graphic design, interior design, decorative art are also in great vogue these days. This article will describe five prominent ways to create a visual art form. Following are the methods of visual art creation:


DrawingDrawing involves creating an image by using different tools and techniques. In drawing, usually an artist makes marks on a clear surface like paper, walls etc with the application of pressure using a tool or by moving dry tools like graphite pencils, wax or pastel colour pencils, pen and ink, crayons, markers etc over the surface, in order to make an image. Line drawing, scribbling, hatching, random hatching, crosshatching, stippling and blending are the main techniques of drawing a visual art. Earlier, in the past centuries, cavemen drew figures on the walls of the cave. The Egyptians’ ink drawings on papyrus were famous. After 15th century, paper became the main medium of drawing.


paintingThe application of colours, paints or any pigments to a surface is termed as painting that creates aesthetic visual art forms. Generally a paint brush is used for the application of paints but sometimes knives, airbrushes and sponges can also be used. The surface can be anything where the practitioner can express his/her thoughts by using colours and paints. Paper, walls, wood, canvas, glass etc are some of the commonly used surfaces. Painting also has its origination from the caves and rocks of Southern France. Even paintings could be seen in the tombs of the Egyptians. After the Renaissance, many painting works became famous and most of the paintings are still a source of inspiration to other painters of the world.


printmakingIn printmaking, an image is printed on paper creating a visual art. The image so created has its own elements of originality, rather being a replica of some painting. Going by history, the print media are etching, line engraving, lithography, woodcut and screen printing but now there are many others with advance digital technology. Apart from paper, images are also printed on cloth, vellums and other materials. Prints produced before 1830 are known as old master prints in the western world. Woodcuts were used for printing on paper. In China, woodblocks were used for printing on paper. Japan too used woodblock printing.


filmmakingFilmmaking, again another form of visual art involves scriptwriting, shooting, animation, special effects, recording, editing, music and sound work to make a motion picture. A lot of research work  is involved in filmmaking and many people work together to make a film. It can take several months to few years to complete an entire film. A lot of stages are involved in making of a film. Films can be made solely for commercial and entertainment purpose or for enlightening the society or expressing some ideas visually.

Digital Visual Art:

digital artDigital visual art involves the use of computers as a tool. Computers can be used for capturing or creating images, editing them and finally rendering or printing them. Computers use different digital technologies and software to develop images with best quality graphics. Photographers are becoming visual artists while illustrators are turning into animators. It is becoming difficult to distinguish them. Digital visual arts are more machine oriented as it involves the usage of computer rather than human pencilling.