In a January announcement Google stated that it was inventing an intelligent contact lens that would uninterruptedly monitor blood glucose levels of Type 2 diabetics. Google divulged that furthermore it was trying to develop a contact lens fitted with an integrated camera, exclusively for the visually disabled people.
The lens will function in the following way: a tiny camera will be fitted out of the way of the pupil so it’ll not block eyesight. Blinking ‘switches on’ the sensor for the camera. A plus to having this lens in place of any other device like Google Glass, is that the camera is able to grasp the eye’s exact movement. Even a tiniest glance towards the side will still enable the camera to face the point of interest. The data assembled by the camera can be processed to identify a slew of traits covering faces, motion, color, light, and particular objects.
If a visually impaired person putting on the lenses, say, is just going to step off the curb with lots of traffic around – the lens connected to the smartphone will produce an audible warning for the wearer to hold back, and then inform the user when it’s fine to cross. The facial recognition property would make the wearer recognize friends and family via a connection to a database.
This technology will equip the law enforcement agencies with the power to easily spot persons of interest or those with pending warrants.
The lens is not designed solely for those who need support to navigate their surroundings; it’ll be enabled for clicking pictures hands-free. It’ll come with the zoom support, to do away the need for binoculars.