The Secret or Law of Attraction has been around for quite some time —- today I’ll give you a snap-shot of what it is in reality. I’ll unveil some of its little known secrets.

What Is It?

LOA in layman’s terms says that each person is capable of attracting things into his life by way of thoughts and intentions. With a negative thinking you’re calling-up bad things — and with a positive thinking you allure good things. In simple words — you can use LOA to pull situations, experiences and material objects into your lives.

The Methods

Merely channel your thoughts to draw things you want. You can start off with affirmations, vision boards, words, etc. and build from there. Stay clear off negative words, self-defeating words or attitudes and in its place use positive and affirming statements and attitudes.

What We’re Often Not Told About The LOA

Look out for the bigger picture — sometimes we fail to lure things we wanted so badly. Why? Because our ego or our mental state clouds our mind —- and we simply can’t sense the bigger picture at play.

For example, if your physical mind aims to lure all the riches of the world – while your soul or your spiritual mind is passing the message that money is not the ultimate truth — then there’s a clash. Remember, your true self (metaphysical mind) is far powerful than your physical mind.

Another Personal Anecdote

My field of work was finance — and I used LOA to lure money. I was on the verge of closing some lucrative deals — when suddenly they all fell through. It looked pretty painful — but my soul and life were treading two different paths. I left finance — and launched a blog. Now I am bringing a change in people’s lives —- and have the money to care for my family

I’m attracting things I want in my life —- but they’re coming via some other avenue.